Premium Styles – Letterpress and Emboss Effect

Posted in Resources > Text Effects by Firetuts on July 3, 2013

In the next installment of premium products from Firetuts I would like to introduce our new letterpress and emboss style. Depending on the background colour of your design or background pattern these types of effects can be difficult to use. With this in mind I have created three different styles to match the type background [...]

Create complex vector shapes in Adobe Fireworks

Posted in Resources > Vector by Firetuts on June 17, 2013

Create complex vector shapes in Adobe Fireworks A few vistiors have asked how to create complex vector shapes in Adobe Fireworks, specifically the shapes I did for the mega pack of ribbons and badges I released last week. So the screencast is a of me taking you through the process I use to create complex [...]

Mega Pack – 200+ Web Ribbons and Badges

Posted in Resources > Vector by Firetuts on June 5, 2013

I’ve put together a huge pack of over 200 web ribbons and badges. Each element is in vector format and easily scaled and configured to the style of your own design. All ribbon elements come as grouped objects for simplicity of use and all elements are numbered in layer panels. Comes in .AI, .PSD and [...]

Specctr – Generate page specifications automatically.

Posted in Extensions > Automation by Firetuts on May 15, 2013

Introducing Specctr the specifications extension for Fireworks Specctr is a plugin for Adobe Fireworks and Illustrator which automates spec generations for your designs. The term, “spec” is short for specifications — in the case of web design, they are instructions that specify colors, fonts, sizes, spacing and so on, just like a blueprint. Creating these [...]

Campaign to open source Adobe Fireworks

Posted in Resources > Culture by Firetuts on May 13, 2013

On May 6, 2013 Adobe announced that Fireworks the graphics platform will no longer be developed by the team at Adobe. This petition is to give a voice to those who want this decision to be overturned or to have the code release to open source. Please make sure you sign it.

Change color of an element in a photo or bitmap

Posted in Resources > Bitmaps by Firetuts on

With this technique you can change the colour of a particular part of a bitmap image or photo. The tutorial uses a photo as an example but remember that this technique can be used with elements of graphic design, icons or even web graphics.

Convert color photographs to black and white and sepia tone

Posted in Resources > Bitmaps by Firetuts on

In this tutorial, you will learn this simple and extremely helpful technique of converting color photographs to black / white and sepia tone using Adobe Fireworks.

Premium Styles – 3D Effect

Posted in Extensions > Styles by Firetuts on May 5, 2013

After seeing how many of you downloaded the 3D text effect source file, I thought I use this opportunity to release the first of our premium products. One of the most time saving aspects of Fireworks is the ability to apply styles to objects on the canvas with one click. I have put together a [...]

Export SVG with Fireworks

Posted in Extensions > Commands by Firetuts on May 4, 2013

Now that we can open SVG in Fireworks, I wanted to write a post to draw attention to Aaron Beall’s export extension as it supports exporting vectors within fireworks to a SVG file. Export SVG with Fireworks Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, click Command -> Export -> Export SVG to export your [...]

Open SVG in Fireworks

Posted in Extensions > Automation by Firetuts on May 3, 2013

John Dunning has saved us all again, he has just released the first version of his SVG extension that lets us open SVG straight into Firewroks. Open SVG file in Fireworks Now complete support for SVG is a reality we can use this very flexible and lightweight image format with confidence. If you’re not familiar [...]

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