Premium Styles – 3D Effect

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After seeing how many of you downloaded the 3D text effect source file, I thought I use this opportunity to release the first of our premium products.

One of the most time saving aspects of Fireworks is the ability to apply styles to objects on the canvas with one click. I have put together a library of 42 3D effect styles to use in Fireworks. These effects can be used with text or vector elements, if you need any help with styles you can view a guide from Adobe.

Click image to view a real pixel example of the styles.


Click image to view list of all included styles.


How to import styles

  • Select Import Style Library from the Styles panel options menu.
  • Select the Firetuts 3D Effect style library (*.stl) file to import. This will make the style library available across multiple documents and multiple sessions of Fireworks.