Add Radial Gradient in Text with fireworks

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This is a tip good for poster art. Add radial gradient in text to spice things up. If you’re tired of using borders and bevels, try this.

Start -add Radial Gradient in Text

1. Start off with your text on canvas however you want. Choose a very bold font, I used Impact as it is most common.

Add Radial Gradient in Text

2. Select the text and click the Fill Color square, and click Fill Options. Choose gradient instead of the default solid. Then choose Radial among the types of gradients.

Add Radial Gradient

3. Choose your colors, preferably darker on the edges and bright on the center.

Add Radial Gradient

The result is a simple beautification of your headline or title.

4. And optionally, create a rectangle and fill with another radial gradient.

Add Radial Gradient in Text



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