Replicate the Siri Icon in Adobe Fireworks

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With the release of the iPhone 4S we saw the introduction of siri icon on our iPhone. For many of us it marks the serious initiative to implement a long talked about idea of voice controlled computing. I wanted to mark the introduction of voice controlled computing by recreating the Siri icon in fireworks.

Create basic siri icon shape

Firstly lets create the basic shape of the icon. Create three circles using the ellipse tool, give each circle the diameter of 158px 140px and 126px respectively.

Select the two outer circles and select Modify > Combine Paths > Punch . This should now give you an outer ring surrounding an inner circle.

Siri Icon Tutorial

Now we have our basic shape we can add some texture and colour, select the shapes and add a cone gradient colour fill, you can use the colours and gradient shapes I have used but I suggest you have a play around to get an effect that you feel comfortable with.

Siri Icon Tutorial

Reusing iCloud tutorial material and texture

To create the texture we are going to reuse the radial blur effect we created in the iCloud tutorial. Adjust the opacity and size of the texture depending on how much texture detail you want to have.

Siri Icon Tutorial

Make the microphone stand vector

To make the microphone stand create a rounded rectangle and move the handle so the ends meet to create a fully rounded end. Now create a duplicate of the rounded rectangle and use the scale tool to make the copy smaller. Place the smaller rectangle over the larger, select both and use Modify > Combine Paths > Punch to punch the center out. Now create a square vector and place over the oval shape and use Modify > Combine Paths > Punch again to remove the top half. Now use the rectangle tool to create the vertical and horizontal parts of the stand which is in essence an inverted ‘T’.

Siri Icon Tutorial

Create microphone body vector

Create a new rounded rectangle and round both ends like we did before, make a copy and keep to one side. To create the illuminated texture first add a contour gradient as in the example below as well as adding a ‘grid 2′ texture with a transparency of 33%. We now need to add a vector mask, select Commands > Creative > Auto vector mask and use handle to mask out the appropriate portion of element. Now use the saved rounded rectangle as a background to finish the full effect.

Siri Icon tutorial

Create background glow effect

Create a circle with the ellipse tool and create a square with the rectangle tool, use the rectangle to punch a 1/4 of the circle away Modify > Combine Paths > Punch . Now apply a cone gradient fill with the colour profile in the example.

Siri Icon Tutorial

Putting it all together

Now we have all the elements we can put them all together with a few tweaks. Add a blur to the glow effect to remove sharp edges and add a drop shadow to the microphone stand to add some depth as in the original.

Siri Icon Tutorial

Finished effect

Siri Icon



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  1. Wow..!! Again: nice work. I just compared it to the one on my iPhone and it’s a great match.

    Thanks for this. Looking forward to the next one ;)