3D Text Effect in a few simple steps.

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how, with some basic font choices and a few filters we can get really slick solid 3D text effect.

Finding a font

Our first step is to pick a font that will work for our 3D text effect, out of habit my first stops for fonts are Fontsquirrel and Google fonts but use your own source if you have one. As I was searching  for a font for the 3D text effect I can discounted thin, script, abstract or serif fonts as I knew from experience these are not suitable for the type of look and feel for the effect and actually for this case the plainer the better. In this case I chose Bengasi Bold, it gave me the plain heavy stroke I was after while keeping a good proportion. You can download Bengasi Bold from the link but I would prefer you try to find a font that works for you and share your results in the comments below.

Tweaking our font

Some of the keen eyed among you may have already noticed that I didn’t use the  raw version of the Bengasi font but used a tweaked version. I did this because after creating the 3D text effect to write this tutorial, I still wasn’t 100% happy so I did some small tweaking to the font until I was happy. I did the tweaking by following similar steps i created to do the custom font tutorial. So right clicked the text and selected ‘convert to paths’,  right clicked again and selected ‘ungroup’ to show the raw vector paths to tweak.


Round the edges

The main tweak I wanted to do was remove the sharp edges, to do this I am going to use the path panel, some of you might not have it if you’re using a version of Fireworks earlier than CS3, so if you don’t download it from Aaron beall’s path panel page. Ok, so hopefully we have the panel and function we need to tweak the sharp edges of our font. Firstly select the vectored letters and click ‘fillet points’ from the path panel, at this time you will be given a dialogue box which asks you for a value for the new radius, I used 6 but you can choose your own.


Basic font shape

Now we have our basic font shape we can can add some gradients and filters.


Add gradient

Select the vectored text and click the ‘fill type’ and select gradient fill and add ‘#FFFFFF’ and ‘#E2EBEF’ as hex colour values.


Add drop shadows

Now lets add the shadows, I used two drop shadows and one solid shadow on each letter to create the desired effect. Firstly add the solid shadow, click filters > shadow and glow and select solid shadow, add angle of 270 and distance of 6 with a colour of #A4B4C3. Now click filters > shadow and glow and select drop shadow and add 6 for distance, 65% for opacity, 13 for blur, 276 for angle and #718794 for the colour. Finally click filters > shadow and glow and select drop shadow again and add 2 for distance, 100% for opacity, 5 for blur, 315 for angle and #61727E for the colour.


Finally our Solid 3D Text Effect

Now with a few simple gradients and filters we have our final Solid 3D Text Effect, please try this effect for your self  and let me know in the comments below how you got on.


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