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I came across the ‘artwork’ of Nip/Tuck season 4. I don’t watch the show at all but the design I saw on a commercial caught my eye with a logo with landscape background. You can also do this in Photoshop, but here’s how to glamorize your name or logo with a cool scenic background with Fireworks.

1. First find the a good landscape photo, preferably with the horizon across the middle. I found this in some free stock photography website.

2. Draw a rectangle with vertical linear gradient and set the colors #000099 on top and #ff9900 on the bottom.

Set that to overlay.

3. Next, draw two ellipses the approximate width of the image itself and a third of its height. Make the top one yellow and the bottom white. Set both to overlay.

This will generate somewhat of a sunrise effect.

4. Type your name! I use Free Sans, radial fill (white center grey edge), drop shadow (0 distance, 3 softness 98% opacity).

Voila! You have pretty artwork with your name on it. You don’t have to follow these exact specifications but you get the point. Optionally, you can put a dark rectangle gradient to make the top part of the sky darker. To see it, download the master file.



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  1. I like this concept, but I am really new at this, could you do a step by step – hand holding if you will on how to accomplish this task?

    Thanks =o)

  2. Hi,

    You guys have good concept but not finishing well:

    1) which version of FW are your tutorials based?

    2) You dont just say put overlay- where do one go to do that?

    I have followed some of your tuts in all i got stuck halfway….

    am using fw mx

  3. By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here

  4. That is a sweet effect! Are you using the latest version of Fireworks? Cs4? I will be sure to use this in my next project. Thanks!