Create Web2.0 logos with Fireworks

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You can make your very own Web2.0-style logo with Adobe Fireworks in this tutorial I’ll teach you a few simple techniques that can help you create Web2.0 logos. There are more methods out there, but here’s my favorite ones.

1. First, make a circle and set its vertical linear gradient fill to #0099CC #003333. Type ‘f’ on it and set that to #FFFFFF, Trebuchet MS italicized, inner shadow distance 1.

Create Web2.0 logos

You will get one simple yet attractive logo using the first letter of your company name. This is one technique. Here’s another.

2. Type the whole company name with Trebuchet MS or any other font you think is appropriate. Set that to vertical linear gradient with the same colors as the circle.

Create Web2.0 logos

Now you already have a decent name logo. But I’m gonna show you more techniques.

3. Draw an ellipse and set it to #FFFFFF and 25% opacity. Put it between the two objects, above the name and below the circle.

Create Web2.0 logos

This will make the text look glossy.

4. Now select the text and duplicate it. Modify>>Transform>>Flip Vertical. Set the fill to #003333 on both ends and set the bottom edge to 0% opacity. Position it underneath the original name to create a shadow effect. Don’t forget to adjust the gradient position: put it higher.

Create Web2.0 logos

But wait, there’s more!

5. Using a Star tool, draw a star and set it to 10 points and decrease its radius to make it less pointy. Set its outline to #FFFFFF and add a drop shadow effect. Put it underneath all layers. Type ‘NEW’ in uppercase and fit that in the star.

Create Web2.0 logos

6. And for the last technique, draw a rectangle and set it to vertical linear gradient fill with white on top and gray on the bottom. This will make the logo look like its sitting on a shiny floor.

Create Web2.0 logos

And there you have it! I hope these tricks will make your logo look better.



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  1. bro love this ive used it on my own site looks too good. Its awazing what you can do in fireworks

  2. kehinde isimi on said:

    nice tutorial nut can any one do vectorization like in scanner darkly or digital painting in fireworks.thanks

  3. I must say, that I could not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my IMHO, which could be very wrong.

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