Export SVG with Fireworks

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Now that we can open SVG in Fireworks, I wanted to write a post to draw attention to Aaron Beall’s export extension as it supports exporting vectors within fireworks to a SVG file.

Export SVG with Fireworks

Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, click Command -> Export -> Export SVG to export your vectors as a SVG file. Please note that if your canvas contains bitmap images these bitmaps will be exported to the same folder you are exporting the SVG file.

If you want to learn about more about how to use SVG in context to webdesign try reading css-tricks.com section on SVG.

NOTE: There has been a fork of Aaron’s code that enables the export of single selected items from the canvas to SVG files. Check out the command on Github.

Author: Aaron Beall

Website: fireworks.abeall.com

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