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Over the years, I’ve always been surprised with the tens of thousands of visits we get each month, and looking through the stats these users are not searching for general content but content on Adobe Fireworks so who said there isn’t an audience out there who want to learn Fireworks. This spurred me on to build Firetuts V2.0, so over the past six months I’ve been designing and developing the new site in my spare time in between client work.

Love your extension developers.

As we only get yearly updates to Fireworks, a real important part of the Fireworks community is the group of developers who make Fireworks relevant by developing extensions. So an important part of using Fireworks is finding the right extension, unfortunately finding the right extension is a harder task do than it should be.

So with Firetuts V2.0 I have developed an extensions section, this will give users an easily searchable method to find extensions. To fill this section I have collated a large, if not near complete list of extensions and over the next few months I will be adding this list to the site so keep checking back.

If you are an extension developer and/or have a passion for extensions and you want to write about them, it would be great if you could help me write the content for the extension directory, use the contact form and I will get back ASAP.

Promoting others

We will also be trying to collect and promote as much content of other Fireworks publishers and devotees, so if you have something interesting or noteworthy or just want to show something off I will always put in front of the Firetuts audience, just use the contact form and I should get to it within a few days or reach me on twitter via @freituts.

Get involved and help the Fireworks community.

Another part of the redesign was to give a platform for people who have something to say to the Fireworks community, so if you have something to add to the community I am happy to hear from you, this could be a tutorial, a discussion piece, announcements or product introductions.

Follow the action.

We have a few ways for you to keep up to date with posts from Firetuts, subscribe via RSS, Follow Firetuts of Twitter via @freituts, Like us on facebook or if you’re rebel you can find us on google plus page.

P.S I thought about adding a forum but wasn’t sure it would be active (nothing sadder than an inactive forum), so let me know in the poll below if you would participate with a community based around Adobe Fireworks and web design.

Would you use a community forum on Firetuts if it was built for Fireworks users, Web Designers and Developers.

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