How to Create a Custom Radial Burst

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Here’s an easy one. Make your own radial burst, as its not an autoshape in Fireworks and sometimes you want it in your design, like this one. You easily make your own and I’ll show you how. Also, some essential keyboard shortcuts.

First steps to create our radial burst effect

1. Draw an isosceles triangle using the rectangle tool and vector shaping. Position triangle on the bottom center of the canvas

2. Now for some hot key work. Learn the shortcuts select all (Ctr+A), duplicate(Ctr+Shift+D), and transform(Ctr+Shift+T). Mac users, take note of the Ctrl button, you know what to do.

Select triangle, duplicate, and rotate it 180deg. Position triangle directly above original one, tip touching the tip.

Select all, duplicate, transform rotate 90deg.

Select all, duplicate, transform rotate 45deg.

Select all, duplicate, transform rotate 22.5deg.

You get the point.

You now have a decent radial burst. Set that to overlay in your vector art, it’ll make a great addition.

Radial Burst



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