How to Make Text Glow Better

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Instead of using the default Glow filter for the text, you can use other methods to make your text shine in the dark. This tutorial will show you a combination of them.

1. First type your text in white on a black background. Give the text an inner glow: #CCFFFF, width 2, softness 6, opacity 65.


2. Duplicate the text and give the one underneath a Gaussian blur, radius 4.1. This will make a more natural glow.


3. Duplicate the main text again and flip it vertically. Position it below the main text and set fill to linear gradient, bottom edge zero opacity. This will make a reflective surface effect, like this one, only less visible.


4. Create a rectangle the size of the whole canvas minus the rectangular area directly under the main text. In other words, fill everything except the “surface” the text is standing on. Set to radial gradient with a blue (#003333) center.

5. Then draw a horizontal ellipse (its width six times its height, or however desired) and set it to white, 100 Feather and overlay. Put it on top of the rectangle and underneath the texts.

There you have it, a decent text glow. Do some tweaking and you have yourself a doable text logo for your company.



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