iOS Grid System For Fireworks

Posted in Extensions > Commands by Firetuts

Joshua Mauldin over at smashing magazine has release an iOS Grid System for Fireworks. The extension is command based and will create guides and guide layers to your canvas.

Using the iOS Grid System

Once you have downloaded the plugin and installed it, simply run the extension by clicking Commands -> iOS grid system. You can pick the iOS device you wish to design for and the command will configure the canvas to the dimensions of the device and layout the grid and guides to the appropriate spacings.

Here’s the devices included with the extension :

  • Non-Retina iPhone (3GS) grid command – Grid size: 320 × 480 pixels
  • Retina iPhone (4, 4S) grid command – Grid size: 640 × 960 pixels
  • Retina iPhone (5) grid command – Grid size: 640 × 1136 pixels
  • Non-Retina iPad (1, 2, Mini) grid command – Grid size: 1024 × 768 pixels
  • Retina iPad (3, 4) grid command – Grid size: 2048 × 1536 pixels