What is Adobe Fireworks??

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On more than a few occasions I’m asked what is Adobe Fireworks by new users. The official short answer would be along the lines of “Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor’ but this isn’t really an answer that helps us work out how it would fit in with our workflow or help us with a certain task.

What it isn’t.

To help us understand what Fireworks is, we could look at a feature list and draw a meaning from that but feature lists wont tell us how to use it. A better way ironically to help us understand what adobe firework is, is to find out what it isn’t.

Firstly Fireworks is not a dedicated photo editor like Photoshop, Fireworks does have all the features to be a heavyweight bitmap editor but you wont find a photo editor using it as Photoshop has become ‘standard’.

Fireworks is not an illustration tool even though it has one of the most evolved vector editing tool sets for any graphics package, as well as some kick as illustrators who use it on a day to day basis but it will never be the first choice. Fireworks is not for print layouts even though it supports CMYK, has a great font engine and can export to most print friendly formats.

What is Adobe Fireworks.

Ok, so we know what is isn’t, ‘what is Adobe Fireworks’. Fireworks is an interactive design tool used by web and design professionals to prototype, design and build the web. Interactive tools need the ability to edit bitmaps, manipulate vectors and manage font type, we know Fireworks is capable in all these aspects. Fireworks lets us quickly prototype and design interaction with the ability to break designs down into pages, layers and states that natively replicate web interaction, no other package natively supports the web in this way and this is where Fireworks excels and where we can really understand its core function.

Closing thoughts.

Fireworks continues to build its support of the web with new versions supporting direct export of CSS3. Fireworks also has a really active community who build extensions, writes tutorials and support each other in general so feel confident to jump in with both feet. Hopefully this has given you a good understanding of what Fireworks is and how it should fit in your arsenal of tools, if you havent downloaded it already downloaded it, you can download a trial from fromĀ Adobe .

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